Therapist-In-Training Program

What is a Therapist-in-Training?

A Therapist-in-Training is a Masters’ level practicum student who is offering counselling services as part of their required training before becoming a Registered Psychotherapist. The student has completed the foundational component of their education and is now able to engage in direct one-on-one work with clients. Our students provide these counselling services under the supervision of Registered Psychotherapists in order to complete their training before becoming accredited. 
Therapists-in-Training bring an abundance of knowledge and a fresh perspective on the latest effective counselling interventions. 

When can a Therapist-in-Training be a good fit for me? 

Student therapists are well-equipped to help you with a wide range of common issues, such as: 

What are the fees for Student Therapists?

The standard rate is $80 (HST included) per session but lower rates can be negotiated based on need. Please note, documentation may be required for pro-bono sessions. Limited compassionate rate spots available.

Our Therapists-in-Training

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