Rylie Foerster

Rylie Foerster,
Registered Psychotherapist
  • Individuals (18+)

Are you caught in a cycle of negative thoughts, overthinking and anxiety? Do you find it hard to enjoy things like you used to? Are your relationships being affected by how you’re feeling? What you’re feeling is not uncommon, but there are effective ways to manage it. My focus is on helping individuals dealing with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder behavior or tendencies. I provide a plan that meets your unique goals and needs, no matter the thought or compulsion. Exploring these thoughts may seem daunting, but with me, no topic is off-limits.

I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which can provide you with skills to manage unwanted thoughts. Together, we can explore techniques to confront intrusive thoughts and reframe your brain’s response to them. Though this process may feel overwhelming, I’m dedicated and passionate about supporting clients in a gentle yet effective manner.

I’m glad you’re considering prioritizing yourself with therapy, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. I offer telehealth services, including both telephone and secure video sessions, as well as limited in-person options. If you would like to learn more, let’s connect over a free virtual consultation.

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