Kornelia Hawrylewicz

Kornelia Hawrylewicz,
Registered Psychotherapist
  • Individuals (18+)
  • Couples

Welcome! Let me start out by telling you what I tell all my potential clients: Therapy is such an individual process and so much of it has to do with finding the right therapist. Many of us have similar training and areas of expertise but we all differ in personality. I want to use this space here to give you an idea of my vibe and approach.  I’m a little quirky with a gentle approach and strong ability to challenge you and explore with you. I can sit with you in heavy spaces, difficult feelings, and complex thoughts.   

Over the years I have grown into my own personal style which draws from different modalities that bring focus to our emotions, experiences, and our thinking patterns. I also pull a lot from lived experience – especially, when working with my clients who are struggling with grief, cancer diagnosis, and supporting loved ones through difficult transitions. Some of my other areas of passion include working through relationship difficulties and simply just figuring out how to be in this world we call our home.   
Here is a bit more of the technical information about me, in case you are into that sort of thing:  

I work from a trauma-informed, client-centered approach and enjoy supporting individuals struggling with their interpersonal relationships, workplace/school adjustment and concerns, personal growth and feeling “stuck”, low self-esteem, major life events and changes, conflict resolution, bereavement, and grief, as well as divorce/separation. I have a particular interest in working with clients who struggle with immigration and their sense of belonging as well as patient and family support for cancer diagnosis. I received my MA in Mental Health Counselling in 2012 and am a Registered Psychotherapist.   
I offer Telehealth services (both telephone and secure video) and in-person services.  My services are available in both English and Polish.  
Oferujemy również nasze usługi w języku polskim. 

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