About Us

Who We Are

We are an eclectic team of Registered Psychotherapists and Social Workers with years of experience and a wide breadth of practice. We create an inclusive safe space for clients to work through and process difficult times in their life. Our Vision has always been to provide high quality service with a personal touch.  

We (Paitra and Kornelia) met what feels like a life time ago (probably many haha). Through a fortuitous opportunity we crossed paths during our undergraduate studies and the ripple effect that this had for us…we could have never predicted! 

We both knew that our end goals were to “help people” but the paths that brought us there had been very different. So we found ourselves in master level programs pursuing our careers in the counselling field. As the years went on our paths grew more entwined. Not only did we share similar educational interests, but our friendship and trust grew deeper.

What we always knew is that we had different strengths and weaknesses, that just so happened to complement one another. It was natural for us to build our practice and team together. It made sense.

We were different. We have always been different. Our clients truly came first. We work with diversity and not against it. We challenge our therapists to be better and focus a lot of our energy on their development. We are involved (albeit behind the scenes) in every client’s journey. 

It went from just the two of us to a team of 20+ therapists, admin support, and students. And all of us work together to offer our clients an experience that allows them to put their mental health first and process their emotions in a safe place. 

What We Do

We offer individual, couples, child & youth, and family counselling both in-person and virtually (phone and PHIPA compliant video). We provide our services in English, Polish, Russian, French, and Shona.

We have been able to provide care and healing to those in our community who are struggling with their mental health. We work with a wide variety of concerns including but not limited to: trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, marital concerns, difficult transitions, cancer support, immigration support, abuse recovery, addiction, brain injury, post-partum and fertility issues, as well as spiritual growth and exploration. 

Why Work With Us

Our therapists work within a multidisciplinary framework. We provide brief written reports to family doctors and clinics (with client’s consent), and do our best to support client’s in maintaining their physical health as much as their mental well-being.

Piece of Mind Counselling offers compassionate rate and pro bono services when appropriate to allow anyone reaching out to receive the support they need. Many of these are clients who have not been able to get customized support in the standard ways available to them are looking for warmth, compassion and acceptance through a private approach. We meet them where they are at. 

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